Discover the Time-Liberating, Sanity-Saving Secret All Successful Business Owners Know (But Only the Most Successful Actually Use!) 

Trying to build a business without support can leave you feeling: 

  • Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks overflowing your daily to-do list.
  •  Overworked to the point of exhaustion (you feel like you never leave the office!)
  •  Unable to take time off work - if you can actually get away from your work, you can't manage to relax, knowing that your business is suffering in your absence.
  •  Like a prisoner in the business that was supposed to bring freedom (but instead feels like you’re shackled to a never-ending JOB) 
  • Full of resentment for the work you once loved (what used to bring you joy has become a burden and chore, leaving you dreading your busy weeks) 


If you suffer from a lack of sales... inconsistent revenue... if you have a great product you can’t seem to sell... if you know you need a better marketing and technical system, but you’re not a web developer, programmer nor a copywriter or digital marketing and can’t afford to hire a good one... then this message is just for you. Here’s why...

You can now have the opportunity to leverage our team!

With Genesis Business Solutions, we have a team of expert and experienced Developers, Programmers, Digital Marketing, Support, and Customer Service Representative that will help execute your day to day tasks so that you can finally focus on the thing that matters- scaling your business!

  • You CAN get all the items checked off your to-do list - with next-to-no time commitment from you (just note what you need to be done and then wait for the finished work to come in)! 
  • You CAN stop burning the midnight oil and maintain decent working hours for once (putting an end to working your nights and weekends away once and for all!). 
  • You CAN take a vacation - or even just a day off - and rest easy knowing your business running smoothly - and your clients are being well-cared-for - even if you're miles away. 
  • You CAN regain control of your business, managing it instead of it managing you!
  • You CAN rekindle the joy in your work, once you're free to focus on the tasks you love.
  • Best, leaving everything else in the capable hands of someone you can truly trust and cares about your business! 


Your products are awesome. Your sales figures aren't. What now?

When getting the Genesis Business Solutions custom service package, you could be earning twice as much from your sales within two weeks because you get things done! Here's what we do to support your business operations. 

Web Development Genesis works with global Enterprises, & SME’s, as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored web development. Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, we help our clients to accelerate their business efficiency.

Custom Programming Genesis offers custom Network Design Programming. We are known as the one you go to when you don’t want to have to worry about your IT infrastructure.

Digital Marketing You've got big plans. We can help to make it happen! From your Digital Marketing strategy to Social media set-up and Management, Ads Campaign, Sales, and Marketing Automation name it, we got you covered. We walk the talk, we ourselves applied the same strategies that's why you are reading this page right now.


Your path to a less stressful, more fulfilling business begins with a simple call. 

During this 15-minute phone consultation, we’ll evaluate your current workload business operation pain points and identify 2 or more ways we can help you save time, get more done, and grow your business faster without working harder. 

We know we won't be able to offer this forever—it requires real human time and attention. But we'd love for you to get in on it now. Click below to claim your teardown!